Research Interests

My research is primarily concerned with studying the physics of different branches of active soft materials. In particular, I am interested in exploring the assembly and dynamic of biologically based active matter, including living microorganisms and synthetic biomaterials, under confinement. The aim of my research is to find new type of colloidal and molecular interactions. My goal is to develop novel materials that may lead to interesting applications in the future.

My research interests are:  

  • Confinement of biologically based active matter and directed assembly of biocolloids and living microorganisms. 
  • Properties of materials including soft materials (liquid crystals, polymers, colloidal particles, membranes, thin films, surfactants) and biological materials (active particles, biocolloids, inclusions at lipid membranes, proteins at fluid interfaces).
  • Engineering applications of soft and biological materials: microlenses, photonic crystals, metamaterials, displays, microencapsulation, biosensors, microrobots, bioinspired micromachines.
  • Self and directed assembly of colloidal particles (nano and micro-particles)
  • Interfacial phenomena (simple and complex fluids)
  • Characterization of nanostructured systems using light and X-Ray scattering techniques

Experimental Skills

  • X-Ray techniques (SAXS and XPCS)/ light scattering/ microfluidic techniques (microcapillary devices)/ lithography and micro-fabrication techniques/ interferometric techniques: White Light Scanning Interferometry (WLSI)/ Phase Shift Interferometry (PSI)/ tensiometry/ polarized optical microscopy/ fluorescent confocal polarizing microscopy (FCPM)/ atomic force microscopy (AFM)/ scanning electron microscopy (SEM)/ transmission electron microscopy (TEM)/ optical
    tweezers/ ellipsometry.
  • Synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles with different geometries/ Fabrication and functionalization of micro-particles with different shapes
  • Good knowledge of big data analysis techniques: Yorick, MATLAB, Mathematica, Linux.
  • Expertise in particle tracking (ImageJ, IDL and Matlab) and image processing (ImageJ and Yorick) techniques.

Fellow my research!

Au nanoparticles in Blue Phase LCs: Towards soft nanocrystals


Gardens of LC smectic flowers



Giant elastic dipoles at nematic interfaces


Anisotropic particles at LC interfaces
Smectic lenses on curved interfaces 


Anisotropic particles confined in nematic liquid rystal

Anisotropic particles

Liquid Crystal ‘Flowers’ Into Lenses

Smectic lenses

Flower patterns around colloidal inclusions


‘Super-structures’ at an air-nematic interface
Role of defects in controlling the behavior of surface particles


Phase behavior of particles at an air-nematic interface

Microbullet assembly in oriented nematic liquid crystal 


Colloidal particles confined on nematic shells

Nematic shells

Capillary force on a micrometric sphere at a fluid interface

PRL Denis

Ring around the colloid


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