About me

Welcome!   MoiI am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, working with Prof. Randall D. KAMIEN (Department of Physics and Astronomy), Prof. Kathleene J. STEBE (Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) and Prof. Shu YANG (Department of Materials Science and Engineering). I received a DEUPC in Physics & Mathematics (2005), Maîtrise in Fundamental Physics (2007) and a Master’s degree of Research in Physics of Soft Matter (2009) from University of Tunis, in Tunisia. I received a Ph.D. degree in Physics of Condensed Matter (October 2011), from University of Montpellier II, in France, under supervision of Prof. Maurizio Nobili and Dr. Christophe Blanc.

Research Interests: My research is primarily concerned with studying the physics of different branches of soft matter, with a particular interest in colloidal assembly in liquid crystals and at their interfaces. The aim of my research is to understand how colloidal particles interact with each other and assemble into ordered patterns. My research is focused on finding and understanding new types of colloidal and molecular interactions in complex fluids, with the goal of developing novel materials that may lead to interesting applications in the future.

  • Physics of soft mater: properties of liquid crystal materials and their applications/ self-assembly of  colloidal particles/ interfacial phenomena (simple and complex fluid nterfaces) .
  •  Biophysics: properties of biological materials/ interaction between inclusions in lipid membranes/ crystallization of proteins at fluid interfaces/ assembly of active materials in liquid crystals and at their interfaces.

Experimental Skills: Microfluidic techniques/ lithography and micro-fabrication techniques/ interferometric techniques: white light scanning interferometry (WLSI)/ phase shift interferometry (PSI)/ optical microscopy/ fluorescent confocal polarizing microscopy (FCPM)/ atomic force microscopy (AFM)/ scanning electron microscopy (SEM)/ Optical tweezers/  light scattering/ particle tracking (ImageJ, IDL and Matlab).

Last update: 23/04/2014